Proper use of the Internet Elizabeth Stitt

Proper use of the Internet Elizabeth Stitt

Usage of Internet

The Internet provides direct access to many resources that can strengthen us and enrich our lives. Many spiritually uplifting sites give us guidance and inspiration. The following offers will help you stay in the real world without giving up on the positive points offered by the Internet.

Limit your time

Rebecca Renfro from Idaho, USA, is used to writing blog posts and reading other people’s blogs almost every day. Her mind has always been in the “composition” mode – mentally keeping notes on her blog about what she did with the children, instead of really doing something with them. She understood that it was necessary to find balance.

She says: “The Spirit helped me realize that there is nothing wrong with blogging; the only problem is that I devote too much time and energy to him. I literally gave him most of my life: sacrificing time spent with my children and my husband, sacrificing time for a serious, in-depth study of the scriptures, and even sacrificing sleep time, which affected my ability to serve others, be attentive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and support healthy lifestyle”.

Sister Renfro learned not to let the good get in the way of something better, as Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles advised: “The fact that some business can be called good does not mean that they need to be addressed … Of course, It’s good to watch decent entertainment or learn something interesting. But not all of this is worth our precious time. There is something better and even better. ”

Choose inspirational media

Amy Paulsen from Washington, USA, likes sites created by other mothers because they contain material for lessons and assignments that help teach children the gospel. If she needs any visual aids, she finds them on the Internet and prints them. If she needs any ideas, she finds links to articles in church journals, speeches at general conferences, and manuals available on the Internet.

“The Internet helps my husband and I prepare interesting lessons for our children at family home evenings,” says Sister Paulsen. “And it’s also so joyful to know that there are many mothers in the world who are trying to‘ teach their children to pray and walk righteously before the Lord ’” (D&C 68:28).

Share the gospel online

One member of the Church, Lyn Floyd of Utah, USA, created a family history site with photographs of her ancestors and their life stories. His site, along with others like him, helps people learn more about the Church and its teachings. Some people wanted to be baptized or return to an active life in the Church. This helped others to help with family history work, fulfilling vocations, and strengthening marriage.

There are many positive activities related to the Internet. If you set the rules for using the Internet, making sure that the sites you use enlighten your mind, expand your capabilities and saturate your soul, the Internet can be an excellent resource for enriching your personal life and strengthening your family.

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